KABUKI LED IHD Indoor displays are defined by its unique features: unparalleled brightness and contrast levels, advanced video processing with smooth motion reproduction and full-depth image calibration in the factory and in the field that provides for a perfect and uniform display picture.

With KABUKI Black LED, color and contrast are taking to unparalleled and exciting new depths.

There are many options in terms of pixel resolution, content management and remote monitoring.

Among its multiple applications, we can remark:

  • Digital signage.
  • 24×7 Control Rooms
  • Public Information Systems: Airports, Train stations, Public spaces…
  • Museums.
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail,
  • Restaurants, Bars, Hotels.
  • TV Studios.


KABUKI LED OHB Outdor displays provide unparalleled brightness and contrast levels—making for sharper images, deeper colors and a brighter display (even at direct sunshine conditions).

Besides that some other considerations are taken:

  • We test our products relentlessly to ensure they will support extreme heat changes, water, salt fog, and electrical disturbances.
  • Completely sealed inputs and outputs as well as an enclosed module so as to be conformed to several IP and/or NEMA ratings, depending on the environment to be installed.
  • Sleek, Smart Design. KABUKI LED outdoor provides a sleek design that complements surrounding architecture, emphasizing your message—not the medium.
  • Remote control and monitoring that allows tracking the operation of the LED display regardless of its physical location.

Among its multiple applications, we can remark:

  • Digital signage.
  • Municipal information.
  • Tourist information.
  • Sports venues
  • Advertising campaigns.
  • Public events.