As an industry leader in large screen video displays, RPG develops, manufactures and integrates the most advanced LED display systems.

A commitment to continuous product evolution, combined with imaging and manufacturing technology developed over decades of continuing research, guarantees our customers have available the most advanced video screens in the marketplace.

RPG has a variety of LED video display products available, each specifically designed for a particular type of customer and application.

We will guide you through every aspect of your project from initial concept, financial mediation, planning, manufacturing, system installation and training, to service and technical maintenance.

What is a LED display?

A LED display is a large and bright screen comprised of pixels. Pixels are dots on your LED screen that together form an image and are a mix of individual red, green and blue LEDs (light-emitting diodes). The distance between two pixels is called pixel pitch (measured in mm). When the correct pixel pitch is chosen for the typical viewing distance, the individual pixels are not visible to the viewer.

A LED display is a system consisting of LED panels, tiles or strings, a video processor, signal processor and data distributors.

LED displays are suited to almost any location and are used to address audiences from just a few meters, to several hundred meters. LED Displays provide unparalleled flexibility in size with wide viewing angles to inform and entertain large audiences.

Only LED displays can offer high quality brightness, color saturation and contrast in any viewing environment or weather.