The most important characteristic of a Crisis Room is the ability to provide rapid response to any company-related emergencies that may come up. The Crisis room should be an integrated information environment that may be used for several different purposes: crises management, actions coordination, safety issues, public announcements …

The right people in the right place are crucial. A crisis team in an efficient crisis room means the business will be better prepared when it counts the most. Planning for business continuity during emergencies should be a priority for all responsible businesses.

It is a challenging task, but with a team of training crisis experts and a well equipped crisis room in place, you will be ready to act in those crucial first moments.

Our company is specialized on providing tailor made solutions on such varied aspects as:

  • Audiovisual equipment: Interactive display walls, Videowall Processors Videoconferencing, Conference, Interpreter and Voting systems,
  • Activu Software. In order to help clients improve situational awareness for optimized decision making and collaboration across the organization, regardless of physical location.
  • Specialized technical meeting room furniture capable of integrate any kind of Electronic or Audiovisual equipment (conference equipment, monitors, microphones, plug-and-play modules for media, power supply and network connections …).

From the simplest to most complex requirements our company is capable of designing and providing a conference room furnished and equipped to promote processes focused on agreement and decision in the most optimal manner.

The best materials selection is the key to our success.