On the strength of its extensive experience, RPG has gained impressive expertise in engineering control room solutions in a variety of applications: Traffic, Railways, Air Traffic, Telecommunications, Energy, Finance, Security control rooms, etc…

RPG’s Interior Architecture department provides a consulting and installation services to prestigious customers who want to renew, or build from the scratch, their Operation Center.

The control room environment is a complex interplay between individuals, technology and information. How the design facilities these interactions can often spell success or failure in the layout of a control room.

The configuration of the control room environment and the layout of its constituent equipment play a major role in the success or failure of its end-users’ execution of tasks. Through awareness of human factor issues and the development of appropriate design, the control room can serve to reduce stress rather than heighten it.

Another aspect that can significantly influence command center design is the use of the facility for public relations or marketing.

The overall visual impact of the control room will depend on the displays utilized, design of the consoles, application of the room, lighting and general design approach.

Regardless of the size of the project (from the simplest to the most complex Control Centers), RPG offers solutions to any possible need a Control Room project could have, like space integration, interior design, furniture layout, Project development and Commissioning.

RPG’s engineering is fully compliant to Ergonomic and Environmental EC regulations