About Activu

Activu is a software and services company specializing in designing and building network based, large-scale visualization and collaboration systems connecting decision makers across the enterprise and beyond. Our network based visualization solutions enable the sharing and analysis of real-time visual information on video walls, desktops and mobile devices creating a Common Operating Picture, improving Situational Awareness and accelerating and optimizing decision making. Activu solutions have been broadly deployed in military command centers, network operation centers (NOC), security operation centers (SOC),transit & traffic management centers (TMC), emergency operations centers (EOC) and energy & utility control rooms, globally.

Turn Information into Knowledge

With Activu’s Visualization Solutions, every team member in the Command Center and beyond can see and respond to a common operating picture or be served different information based on role and/or location: on video walls, desktops and mobile devices to optimize collaborative decision-making and response time.

Mission-Critical Command and Control

In mission-critical environments, organizations invest in a range of systems that gather information vital to conducting successful operations. To gain the maximum benefit, these organizations need the ability to turn information into knowledge which can be shared and communicated in real-time, across the organization. A dynamic visualization and collaboration solution is a critical tool for sharing and annotating real-time data, making it available from the command center to the conference room and into the field.


Activu operates on Corporate and Government networks and has been successfully installed in various security configurations. We work closely with clients to ensure all technical security matters are addressed and accreditations are obtained.

With Activu, organizations can establish and centrally administer role-based security and access rights, allowing interfaces, functionality and source access to be defined for individuals and user groups. Activu is experienced in delivering secure 24/7 environments for collaboration, content management and device control in a multi-level segregated network environment. Detailed log files track user activity.

Meets FIPS Encryption Standards:

  • 192 bit Triple DES encryption between Activu software modules
  • 256 bit AES encryption between Agent and System Server
  • 160 bit SHA 1 hash password protection

A Powerful, Open, and Scalable Network-based Software Solution

Advances in IP technology have enabled organizations to efficiently grow their Enterprise infrastructures. Maintaining a single network is more cost-effective, reducing overall operating, management and maintenance costs. The flexibility to apply the same business rules, which can be configured and managed from a single location, results in more consistent operations and network integrity. The Activu solution becomes an integral part of your managed network, creating a true collaborative environment, allowing users to pull data from network sources and share them within and outside of the command center.

Cost Effective: Leverage existing network infrastructure for increased network efficiency to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), while improving return on investment (ROI).

Highly-Scalable: Activu provides future ease-of-growth within your Enterprise system. Add new operators, displays, information sources and locations by connecting them through the network.

Open & Dynamic Visual Layer: Computer sources (most operating systems), IP video cameras, encoders, servers, streaming media and other network accessible sources can be aggregated, displayed, controlled and shared across the network.

Network Efficiency: Activu uses a highly efficient visual data transport method that keeps Activu network traffic to a minimum.

Activu Software Feature Set

  • Control and display content through the Activu Access Point, a client application that provides both basic and advanced end-user interfaces for manipulating and displaying source content.
  • Design presets to allow instant, manual or automatically triggered changes in wall content.
  • Activu Recording allows efficient, lossless, real-time recording and playback of sessions on both command center video walls and individual desktops
  • Activu Mobility allows command center and other mission critical visual information to be securely viewed in the field on Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.
  • Integrate with third-party applications and devices via Activu SDK.
  • Dynamic whiteboarding across multiple locations.
  • Peer-to-Peer Collaboration with TeamShare utility.
  • Predefined interfaces for simple or restricted content