From a single operator workstation to complete control rooms, SLIMTECH consoles represent the absolute best value in a fully modular, fully ergonomic console system.

RPG’s SLIMTECH console systems have achieved extraordinary popularity due to their world class ergonomics, quality all aluminum construction and good looks.

Unique to this class of console, SLIMTECH’s removable turrets, rear device space and generous cable core with integral power management combine with optional height adjustability for any application that requires a sit stand desk.

Each console can be accessorized to personal preference with a variety of articulating monitor arms, CPU holders, speaker mounts, task lamps, and other accessories.


Central structure made from next generation anodized aluminum structure.

A unique feature of the SLIMTECH console is its height adjustable base, which may be ordered with an electric motor or with a manual adjustment. The height is infinitely adjustable within a 63.5 cm to 129.5 cm range, which accommodates the needs of multiple console users who might wish to either sit or stand.

Vented Rear door. Also removable for full access to hidden cables and small equipment that needs to installed inside the rear space (KVMs, Network Switchers, Power strips,…)


The console countertop has a space age Thermofoil surface available in a variety of designs, including various colors, a contemporary charcoal grey, or several very convincing wood veneers. The surface is extremely durable and is almost impervious to scratching or chipping. Custom tops and finishes are also available.

Rear aluminum track allows for LCD Arms, Speaker Arms, Privacy panels and other accessories (Telephone holder, Led lamp, Ipad holder,…)  to be perfectly and securely installed and aligned.


Internally mounted power strips and Telephone / Data connectors seamlessly integrate technology into console.