Designed specifically for technology intensive environments, the EOS Console is an outstanding example of the design insight, product quality and manufacturing expertise that have made RPG a leader in the technical furniture industry.

The modular internal structure and equipment mounting options give our customers the freedom to adapt quickly as technology changes.

EOS Console has been designed having in mind 24×7 environments, so besides the ergonomic and aesthetic aspect, we take special care of the durability and ruggedness of our solutions.


The structural system of the EOS Console is made up of rigid metallic frames. Continuity is maintained through connections at module joint. When assembled, they form a strong and exceptionally stable structural framework.  The metal frame serves also as a conduit system, allowing cables to be installed in a flexible and organized way.


Change is a constant in the computer and operations environment. The EOS Console can be configured, and the reconfigured, as often as necessary , to accommodate the changes to equipment and procedures that keep your operation up to date, responsive and competitive


Countertops carefully designed and made from heat resistant and extremely resistant materials, such as Phenolic Resin.

The worksurfe can integrate all the equipment that needs to be within operator’s reach, like telephones, computer and power connectors, and any other necessary equipment or device to create a proper Control Center console.


Internally mounted power strips and Telephone / Data connectors seamlessly integrate technology into console.

The console has easily accessible horizontal and vertical cable conduits to allow for quick cable management.


The side panels of the console can be made from diverse materials. They can be customized to the customer’s corporate image providing at the same time a high visual impact and a strong and secure finishing.


Adjustable monitor arms give users the ability to control the angle, distance and height of the monitor for optimum viewing. As an option, EOS Consoles can integrate a height adjustable monitor stand with an electric motor for quick and effortless ergonomics.