Quality, creativity, commitment and technology in interior design architecture

We are specialist in the design and manufacture of high quality Technical Consoles and tailor made technical furniture, taking care of such key aspects as: Ergonomics, Comfort, Design and Reliability.

RPG’s complete multidisciplinary team offers a high degree of commitment and efficiency in the design and implementation of High-Tech Interiors projects.

There are great number of issues to be considered in the layout of control room, ranging from the physical configuration of the console to the ways in which end-users interact. We design our furniture strictly applying the most demanding ergonomics criteria. Through thoughtful consideration of human factors and the design which supports it, the control room environment can provide a safe and effective support to its constituent tasks.

From the initial design until the implementation and delivery of the Project, RPG performs a detailed study of the customer’s needs, taking into account the location and characteristics of the space, with the possibility of producing a virtual representation and virtual tours to ensure a unique user experience.


RPG designs its operational consoles and technical furniture in accordance with the most demanding ergonomic and quality criteria. Their modular design makes it possible to transform the workspace in order to meet the current and future needs of any customer.